Catherine Carcioppolo Ms. Senior Florida 2018

Catherine Carcioppolo from Lake Worth, FL is a nurse who specializes in oncology and Hospice care. She is currently working part time in the Home Health Care filed as a Quality Assurance Nurse. In between her nursing career, Catherine owned and operated a childcare learning center which provided daycare to one hundred and thirty-five children.

In addition to her career, Catherine also volunteers with the Disaster Assistance Team and Disaster Health Services Team of the American Red Cross. She can be found assisting with natural disasters, in hurricane shelters and fire sites. Most recently, Catherine was on the scene of the Parkland school shooting massacre lending a helping hand. “Giving back”, as Catherine states. “means helping people get through difficult situations and knowing other people are there for them.”

Family means the world to Catherine. She is the mother of two daughters and grandmother to five wonder grandchildren. She is also a sister, aunt and great aunt. Catherine lives with her husband Robert Mann, booth on land in Lake Worth and at sea aboard their vessel in Stuart - traveling the inter-coastal and beyond.


Lorraine Robertson Ms. Senior Florida 2017

Dear Pageant Friends,

…The Pageant was a beautiful affair and an experience I will remember with joy for the rest of my days… It was a delight for me to meet and associate with the ladies and to see their performances, which were very exceptional…One evening’s event I found very extraordinary and very inspiring.  It was a National Showcase that consisted of the talent performances of past Pageant winners going back to the 1990’s. This of course meant that the ages of the women ranged from the 70’s to the 80’s and even in the 90’s.  To see these women on stage giving exceptional performances of ballet, tap dancing, belly dancing, break dancing (a Michael Jackson imitation), baton twirling, belting out songs, plus a Tina Turner imitation that a 21 year old would have a hard time matching in the vigor and excitement of the performance, was totally mind boggling to me.  I left there inspired to get back to dancing again, and in fact, I have already ordered a baton and have watched twirling lessons on YouTube.